Butterfly Moon

a letter to you
i think you’re brave

i know you’ve been low before. many times. sometimes it seems like the present lows are stronger than the past. you get so caught up in the loss of life, in the unexpected change.. it seems the darkness becomes bigger. but this is ok too. you see, life has its cycles. just like the moon becomes empty to feel full again. the same way — the caterpillar goes into the cocoon to transform. sometimes these sticky parts of life seem never ending, the uncomfortableness feels so strong, the emotions drown us like waves. yet when we look back, we see — we were just in a stage of transition.

so today, i applaud you for being here

giving it all you got
even when it seems there is nothing left to give
i applaud you for living life
even when you didn’t know how to
because if there’s one thing i know is
you do not just wake up one day and become the butterfly
you must grow
you are in the process of blooming once more
and soon
you’ll find those wings again
and soar