The Alignment Original Canvas

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  • original hand painted acrylic on canvas
  • measures 18 x 18 inches
  • wood frame with canvas wrapped and stapled
  • signed and dated in the back

"Where do we go when we allow ourselves to float. Where do we go when we loose self for periods of time? Is it only to reach epiphanies..? Human beings are far more spiritual than physical, but here we are, experiencing this Earth for this period of time. Craving connection. Hungry for emotion that only stems from oneself. To be in alignment with self is a journey that isn’t easy. Comes with allowing yourself to shed layers you used to be so attached to. To see ourselves fading out to who we used to be. The anxieties and worries of the unknown, blinds our faith. So when you come here, to this space, to this painting.. Allow yourself to float. Allow your worries to fade away. Allow yourself to be closer to the alignment. Know you are being divinely guided, in divine timing.

Allow yourself to be free.